My work is inspired by the natural world that surrounds all of us. I see an ever increasing disconnect between humans, animals and our habitat, and hope to convey a visual and emotional connection to the colour, delicacy and richness that our environment has to offer. I attempt to capture the whimsical wonder that we all once had, exploring the garden as children, and bring people’s memories back to the simple beauty of it. My work is slow and thoughtful, purposefully bearing evidence of its handmade origins in lieu of perfectionism, all with the goal of encouraging a slower, more thoughtful and connected way of living.

Garden Collection – a delicate line of decorative and functional pieces featuring herb and wildflower arrangements. This series showcases the beauty that can be found in unexpected places, as many of the arrangements feature the humble weeds that also inhabit the garden. Each piece in this line is hand-painted and truly unique.

Leaf Print Collection – a whimsical, pastel line of functional and decorative pieces with intricate seasonal and native leaf prints. The beauty of this collection is in its colourful simplicity, and the seasonal aspect of the line which brings a bit of natural slowness back to our instant lives.

Rustic Earth Collection – a rustic and earthy line of decorative bowls, plates, jewellery and accessories in a range of rich colours.

Soft Pastel Landscapes – painted on location, from memory, from heart and from reference, Rhiannon creates small colour-happy pieces.

I am an avid supporter of local, handmade and sustainable products. I source supplies as locally and sustainably as possible, and use materials such as post-consumer recycled cotton and paper, hemp, linen and true cellophane in my works and packaging.

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About the Creator

Hi friends! I’m Rhiannon, a ceramicist and painter living in subtropical paradise at Buckra Bendinni, Australia with my partner James, our little old dog and two cats.

I grew up in the Hunter Valley amongst a very creative family. My earliest creative interests included illustration, soft pastels, watercolour and ceramics. I also dreamed of becoming a clay animator, spending hours modelling with plasticine (and taking up the entire kitchen table with my miniature worlds!).

For all of my 20’s, I had been pursuing my interests and passions in people, animals and the environment, gaining a degree in zoology and working across a plethora of programs and roles in community services. Somewhere along the line, I realised those sectors were not currently for me, and that I was craving that most familiar and critical part of my being – the exploration of creativity.

In October 2018, I decided to give myself space to make art full time and see where it would lead me. Fast forward a few months of trials, errors, curve balls, wins and losses, and I’m still here. Clay is my main focus as far as my business goes, however I hope to bring more of the visual art to the table a bit later down the track as well.

As I find my feet artistically and as a small business owner, I am gaining room to fold more of my other passions into the mix; using art to contribute and have a voice socially, environmentally and politically.

As ever, things will evolve and develop as I do.