Studio renovation

I’ve been a bit absent from my blog and social media pages lately, but I swear it has been for a good cause! I’m FINALLY renovating a space that will be my dedicated art studio!!

Over the last month I’ve been preoccupied with the designing and ordering of supplies for the renovation (a steep learning curve to say the least!), and this coming week a few family members are coming to stay to help us put it all together over a few chaotic days.

I want to share the ‘make-over’ with you all because I am beyond excited! Once this is done, I’ll have more time and space to get back to creating.

We bought our property 9 months ago, and this is the treasure of a garden studio that came with it. I had stars in my eyes from first sight, dreaming up all the possibilities of a dedicated art space.

As you can see, the inside was never finished off properly, but the frame is solid and it’s weather proof. It’s a decent space at 7.5m x 3.7m – over a quarter of the size of our actual house!

So this is what we started with. Over the next few days I’ll share the progress as we strip it right back to a frame, put all new windows in, re-clad it, and give it some nice flooring, new gyprock and all the trimmings!

Rhiannon WrightComment